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 Quinta do Passal is located just a short distance from the historic town of Figueiró Dos Vinhos with its markets, quaint shops, restaurants and cafes. Within a ten to fifteen minute drive are the river beaches at Foz de Alge and Fragas de São Simão. There are many hiking and cycling trails within the area, and fishing is available in abundance since we situated close to the Zezerre river.

Venture slightly further afield and you'll find yourself in the historic Templar city of Tomar with its medieval architecture, majestic monastery, Covento de Christo, vibrant market, good local restaurants and boutique shops. 

For a taste of academic excellence and cultural significance, the renowned university city of Coimbra awaits, a mere 40-minute drive from our boutique hotel. Explore the prestigious university—the oldest in Europe—and wander through its centuries-old libraries, or experience the old quarter with its fine dining and elegant shops.

For those seeking the allure of the Atlantic Ocean, pristine beaches are within easy reach, less than an hour's drive from Quinta do Passal. 

You can also experience all body care through the magic touch of massage: Hands with soul.

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